Ideas Made of Light


Table of Contents

  1. Gustave Doré, Plutus
  2. James Jean, The Last Castle
  3. Adam Danger Cook, The Ogre Bully
  4. J.C. Leyendecker, Couple Descending Staircase
  5. J.H. Williams III, Promethea #24, Pages 8-9
  6. Morgan Penn, England Expects
  7. Alex Raymond, A Vision of Peace
  8. Michael William Kaluta and Lee Moyer, Starstruck
  9. Erik Jones, The Unknown #6, Cover A
  10. Alphonse Mucha, Dance
  11. Mort Künstler, The Hindenburg
  12. Michaël Zancan, Tears for Joy in the Garden of Giants
  13. Maxfield Parrish, Daybreak
  14. Terry Moore, Strangers in Paradise #67
  15. Henning Ludvigsen, The Wall
  16. Reneé Magritte, The Blank Check
  17. David Wiesner, Tuesday
  18. Yigit Koroglu, Hymn
  19. Howard Pyle, I Have Been Reserved for This
  20. Roger Dean, Tales from Topographic Oceans
  21. Gabriel Rodríguez, Welcome to Lovecraft #2
  22. Brundage, Bull, Dulac, Folkard, Ford, Parrish, Genies in the Golden Age
  23. Brian Bolland, Prince
  24. Andrew Jones, Mind Machine
  25. M.C. Escher, Relativity
  26. David Mack, Daredevil
  27. Kimberly Hermesch, Spewing Rubik’s Cubes
  28. Albrecht Dürer, The Men’s Bathhouse
  29. Ian Miller, THD
  30. Aly Fell, The Steampunk Harem
  31. Norman Rockwell, The Problem We All Live With
  32. Boris Vallejo, Snake Women
  33. Artur Sadlos, Seven Handed Musician
  34. Arthur Rackham, Once There Was A Poor Old Woman…
  35. Charles Vess, The White Goddess
  36. Donato Giancola, The Archer of the Rose
  37. Frank Frazetta, Tanar of Pellucidar
  38. Salvador Dali, Gala Contemplating…
  39. James Gurney, Flights of Fancy
  40. Osamu Tezuka, Images from Buddha
  41. Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira